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KitGen is a member of a large diagnostic laboratory net focusing on the most innovative diagnostic approaches in molecular medicine. The laboratory is situated in the city of Prague, in a convenient distance 15 min from the international Václav Havel Airport.

The laboratory occupies a space of over 200 m2 and employs highly trained personnel; the majority of them being university educated (medicine, molecular biology), having also scientific PhD. degrees. Many of them are internationally distinguished due to their respected scientific work and membership in renowned professional societies (American Society for Hematology, Czech Hematology Association, Czech Society for Human Genetics).

The laboratory focuses both on routine diagnostics as well as scientific programs, with the main emphasis on the innovation of diagnostic processes, high-tech technologies and implementation of novel diagnostic modalities into routine clinical and laboratory practice.

Since years, the laboratory has been actively interacting with the clinical specialists from many fields of medicine and responded with maximal flexibility to their specific needs. To describe its activities best, the laboratory coined the term “Medicine On-Demand”. This motto should reflect the absolutely open attitude of the laboratory to its clientele – be it university/academic or private – the laboratory performs not only the most common, commercially available tests, but also develops novel molecular tests based on specific clinical requests.

The laboratory follows the internationally recognized ISO 15189 quality management system and regularly participates in the international interlaboratory quality testing schemes organized by INSTAND, Germany.

KitGen is proud of keeping up with the latest technological upgrades in molecular biology and molecular medicine. The laboratory accommodates the newest platforms for direct Sanger sequencing (ABI 3500), Next Generation Sequencing (Ion Torrent PGM), machines for end-point PCR (C1000, ProFlex) and quantitative Real-Time PCR (Rotor-Gene Q), semi- and fully automated robotic line for high-throughput next generation sequencing workflow (Covaris ultrasonicator, Qubit, E-gel system, AB Library Builder, Ion Torrent One Touch 2, Nanodrop 8000, Agilent Bioanalyzer and Ion Torrent Ion Chef robot).

The applications of molecular techniques are almost unlimited, with many fields of medicine benefiting from these investigations – hematology and oncology, epidemiology, infectology, critical care, cardiology, immunology, neonatology, prenatal genetic diagnostics, clinical genetics and many more.

Typically, the patients for molecular tests recruit from large university hospitals, but private clientele becomes progressively more and more significant. At present, the laboratory processes over 1000 clinical specimens monthly.

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