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About KitGen

KitGen is a research and development biotech company specializing on molecular in vitro diagnostics of a broad range of viruses, fungi, bacteria, and microscopic parasites. Our team has an extensive expertise in molecular biology, molecular microbiology, molecular medicine and laboratory diagnostics. Since years, our main emphasis has been put on quantitative Real-Time PCR applications, using both single-target and also highly multiplexed detection design.

KitGen has been engaged in the development, manufacturing and distribution of high-quality quantitative Real-Time PCR kits for all types of diagnostic laboratories that examine clinical samples using molecular methods.

The portfolio of the quantitative Real-Time PCR kits developed and validated by KitGen keeps growing continuously and mirrors the diagnostic needs and challenges of our clinical clientele.

KitGen is EN ISO 13485:2012 and EN ISO 15189:2013 certified. The subject of the certification is laboratory diagnostics, design, development, and manufacturing of in vitro diagnostic kits. All quantitative Real-Time PCR kits are manufactured in accordance with the Directive 98/79/ EC of the European Parliament and of the Council for in vitro diagnostic medical devices, and have been CE IVD marked.

The “Top 5” of KitGen quantitative Real-Time PCR kits

  1. Design, development and validation under the highest quality management system available in Europe (CE-IVD)
  2. Cost-effective and user-friendly
  3. Quantitative results as a standard option
  4. High level of multiplexing for maximal diagnostic effectivity
  5. Open to customization

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