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Extremely modern and effective approach to detect pathogenic microorganisms (bacteria, fungi, viruses, parasites) in biological specimens, based on the DNA/RNA profiles of the pathogenic agents. The eligible patients for this diagnostic approach are individuals suffering from hyper-acute life threatening infectious conditions, such as sepsis, meningitis, pneumonias (when there is no time to wait for the results from classical microbiology based on the cultivation of the causative agents), or patients with infections caused by a priori uncultivatable pathogens. Molecular detection of pathogens comprises multiplex-Real-Time PCR applications (results available within hours) and next generation sequencing (results available within a few days). The latter allows for quantitative pandetection of bacteria, fungi, RNA and DNA viruses. The eligible patients/private clients for this approach are individuals who need to have analyzed their microbial spectra in full extent – diagnostics of epidemics, acute infections progressing into chronic stage without identification (and eradication) of the causative agents, need for the exclusion of infection as the underlying cause, diagnostics of microbiome at specific locations (gut, reproductive organs etc.). The analysis can reveal full microbial context of the individual specimen in a quantitative way.

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