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KitGen specializes on molecular diagnostics in patients with hematooncologic malignancies (leukemia, lymphoma) and solid tumors (breast, lung, colon cancer). Oncologic patients profit from molecular (DNA/RNA) diagnostics at the time of diagnosis, when molecular approach can identify and type the cancer (relevant to the treatment options), can identify mutations in genes which are of prognostic importance, and allows to identify unique genetic markers – especially in leukemias - which can be used as a specific and sensitive marker for molecular follow-up (the disease course) after treatment (chemotherapy, bone marrow transplant). With the advent of Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) technology, the extent of genetic panels useful for correct diagnosis, therapeutical decision making and tailored management of oncologic patients has dramatically increased.

The laboratory also offers an array of tests for non-malignant hematologic disorders, defects of coagulation and rare inherited syndromes with preponderant hematological presentation.

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